Web designer and front end developer. I know how to design a website, integrate it and make it responsive.

The designer you've been looking for.

The journey begins 10 years ago when I decided to learn HTML to create a website for a gaming clan. Right then I realized that was what I wanted to pursue as a career, and started off as a freelance HTML/CSS developer. I picked up photoshop along the way, learned some jQuery and PHP and now I design and code websites for a living.

As a designer I focus on designing websites with the following characteristics in mind: user friendly, modern, clean, audience oriented, beautiful typography & color scheme, simple but effective content, and layout consistency.

Music lover, filmoholic, avid book reader, professional Netflix watcher, and most importantly your next designer?

Formerly www.varcoedesign.com

Wire Framing

Sitemap and wireframe creation

With the scope of work well-defined, we can move onto wireframing the structural level of your website, defining how the content and features we defined in scope definition will interrelate.

This helps me with the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before moving onto visual design.


Content creation and visual elements

With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual design of your website. We'll work our magic on the wireframe, constantly playing around with different design styles, elements, colors, and typography to bring your website to life.

We will remain in back and forth contact during this phase to make sure you get a website that you love!


Responsive coding and testing

By now, you've got all your pages and defined how they display to the site visitor, so it's time to make sure it all works. We'll begin by coding the website responsively, making sure everything works correctly on a variety of devices.

We test your website on desktop, tablet, and mobile by browsing manually to identify any problems, whether its user experience issues to simple broken links.. We'll take care of it.



Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of the web design process: When everything has been thoroughly tested, and you’re happy with the site, it’s time to launch.

Don’t expect this to go perfectly. There may be still some elements that need fixing. Web design is a fluid and ongoing process that requires constant maintenance.

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