What is OGP?

The Open Graph protocol has been around since 2010 and it’s a way for you to customize how your website appears when shared on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Linked In, and other social media websites.

Why do I want it?

You don’t need OGP per se but it’s recommended for websites that get frequent shares on social media because it allows you to create a thumbnail image that would be more appealing to potential customers. By default it will either show no thumbnail, or pick a random image on the page and that is usually unappealing.

Here’s an example of GGServers OGP implementation.

Facebook shared with OGP:

Facebook shared without OGP:

The results are similar for LinkedIn, Twitter as well. If you want to see what your website looks like without OGP you can either share it on facebook or download this chrome plugin: Open Graph Preview, although the results will be similar to above.

OGP also works with Discord! The image you designate will be clickable when shared on Discord, as seen in the example below:

Discord OGP Example:

To learn more about OGP visit https://ogp.me/

The great thing about OGP is you can have separate images for different pages. Say you want to have an image directed more towards your shared hosting, then we can create one. Want a different one for VPS? No problem! You can also just use 1 image for the entire site, it’s really up to you.

How Much?

Current entry cost for OGP implementation is $250 USD. That includes 1 image created for the entire website. Additional images can be create for $50 per image.

To have OGP implemented on your website please contact me for more information.

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Stay Safe!

I wanted to take this opportunity to send my best wishes to all of my clients and hope you guys are staying safe during these pressing times.