Lately I’ve been trying to figure out the future of VarcoeNet, and to be honest I still have no clue lol. My current niche is web hosting companies, which has been great but I feel like I need to expand into different markets such as small-medium size businesses who are looking for a professional business website. This won’t happen overnight but expect to see some business websites pop up on my portfolio from time to time. So businesses, feel free to hit me up for a design 🙂

Besides that I’m currently working on improving my skills in:

Another project I’ve been working on during my free time is a web hosting company, so you can expect to see that in the future.

As for this blog I plan to write simple tutorials that will help clients get a better idea of HTML, CSS, editing my designs, and even the benefits of having a professionally designed website as opposed to a free theme you bought from Theme Forest. While a theme can be great to dip your toes in the industry but that should only be a temporary solution, they are over used and actually make your business appear to be a fly by night hosting company since they are EVERYWHERE.

Don’t mind my rambling, I made this blog so I may as well use it, even if no one reads it.